Watch your kids fall in love with Math like never before!

Inspiring the next generation of thinkers, innovators, creators and leaders with our engaging, hands-on, online math courses for kindergarten through fifth grade!

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Deep, Engaging Online Classes for Elementary Math 

Our live online math classes for kindergarten through fifth grade help kids learn math concepts in a deep, practical way. We use hands-on activities, math manipulatives and an adaptive curriculum to make math come alive for children.

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Highly Qualified Math Teachers/ Math Tutors

Our teachers have extensive experience teaching math, including tons of online teaching experience. We screen our teachers carefully to make sure that your child receives the best possible instruction.

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Adaptive Curriculum Built to Address the Needs of Children

We offer a deeply researched curriculum for kindergarten through 

fifth grade math, aligned with (but not limited to!) common core standards. We adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of each individual child we teach. Our curriculum fosters critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Online Discussion

Small Groups and Regular Feedback

Our online math class for kids is offered in a small group setting – and getting the chance to be social makes the classes more engaging! We also offer regular, detailed feedback to parents so that they can track their child’s progress.