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We are delighted to see you here. We love Math. And we are here to share that love with you. We truly believe that a strong grounding in Math can open doors to a large number of learning opportunities. Not just that, Math can truly and fundamentally transform the way you think, analyse, create, innovate and lead.


An early immersion in Math can be a transformative experience for kids and can set them up for a wide array of careers ahead in life. Starting early in this journey helps your kids build their logical thinking and reasoning ability while also significantly enhancing their ability to collaborate and communicate objectively. 

Meet Our Team

We are a small but a truly diverse and global team.

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Jieun Chung

Co-Founder, CEO

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Anshuman Agrawal

Co-Founder, COO

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Why Us?

Merging the Online-Offline Learning Experience

Your kids enjoy an offline learning like experience with our live, online classes!

Watch your kids navigate through our Unique Live Online Math Programs, designed to provide a one of its kind multi-modal, multi-sensory learning experience to kids combining visual, auditory and hands-on learning tools and activities.

Top Notch Curriculum

Deeply researched and meticulously designed curriculum and structured programs

Live, Online Classes. Small Batch Sizes

Personalized attention and guidance

Regular Feedback

Regular feedback to and from parents and learners with a constant endeavor to make the learning process effective

Going beyond Math

Our programs foster collaboration and help learners become better communicators and critical thinkers

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We'd love for you to try us out. With each of our programs, you can book a trial class for your kids.