Live Interactive Online Math Classes for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade

We are committed to making math learning fun and engaging for your child. Discover our math courses for kindergarten through fifth grade below and book a trial class for your kids.

20+ Years

Average experience of our teachers

45 min

Class duration

2 to 4 

Students per group


Our courses are tailored to your child's individual needs

Deeply researched and unique math curriculum that goes beyond the Common Core Standards

 We are on a quest to bring the best of online and offline learning possibilities into our online classes. We integrate use of visual, auditory and hands-on tools and activities in our deeply researched math courses that foster collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

Curriculum Snapshot

Here is a brief overview of our curriculum. This will be adapted for each individual student based on their learning pace and style.

We offer two different math programs at each grade to help ensure students have the learning experience that is right for them.

Seeker Level

For students who are discovering their love of math, want to accelerate the process of developing a deeper understanding of math rules and concepts, and who are interested in learning about how math relates to real-life problems.

Challenger Level

For students who are ready to take on big challenges and push their understanding of math to the limits.

WonderBeez is on a mission to build great learning experiences for young minds, inspiring students and preparing them for the future. We believe that learning depends on four key components.

  Learning by Doing

We use hands-on tools and activities during class to make the concepts of math and their application real for our students - enabling them to learn quickly and deeply. We encourage our students to understand the "Why" and not just the "How" and "What" behind math.

Teaming with parents

Parents are on this learning journey with their children. We provide a weekly program summary and recommendations for at-home learning so that parents are always prepared to help their kids thrive at math.

Personalizing classes

We've built our own adaptive math curriculum, based on extensive research and continuous feedback from experienced teachers. Our math curriculum is flexible so that each student can learn at their own pace, using the problem-solving strategies that suit them best.

Focusing on students

We carefully place students in small learning groups (2-4 per group) based on their math level. Small groups like these maximize student/ teacher interaction while allowing students to inspire and encourage each other as they work together.

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